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Annual Report FY 22-23

📢 We're excited to share our Annual Report for the year FY 22-23🎉

Our annual report captures some of the impact we have made together in empowering and transforming the lives of our young people. We invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements, milestones, and stories of resilience that make our work so meaningful and important.

As we reflect on the past year, we also look towards the future with renewed vigour and determination. Many challenges remain, but together, we can continue to build brighter futures for the young people who deserve care, opportunities and support.

To access our Annual Report, please visit:

Annual Report 22-23_Digital
Download PDF • 11.63MB

We are grateful to every donor, volunteer, and partner who contributed to making a difference this year. Together, we are creating a positive change in the lives of those we serve. To learn more about how you can contribute visit please visit:


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