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Service of

Court Documents

Marist180 Governance Team is responsible for the oversight of legal proceedings and service of subpoenas.

Subpoena or Notice to Produce

Parties to Court proceedings issuing a Subpoena/Summons to Marist180 (Marist Youth Care) for production may do so here:






Marist180 Governance will review and release organisational and client records in accordance with legal obligations and the  Marist180 Terms and Conditions of Information Release.

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Keeping accounts

Legal process

Every Subpoena/Summons should be served with a cover letter or email that identifies the issuing party or their representatives name and contact details for queries arising from the Subpoena/Summons.


For a Subpoena/Summons which requires an Marist180 employee to attend and give evidence, the Subpoena/Summons must be served directly on the Marist180 employee, and a copy of the Subpoena/Summons must be sent electronically to Marist180 Governance.

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Our Head Office is located in Blacktown, NSW.

Old Documents

Our Governance team will accept service of writs and other legal process on behalf of Marist180.


If you have any suggestions, compliments, or complaints, we want to hear from you.

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