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Intensive Therapeutic Care

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Intensive Therapeutic Care (ITC) services aim to provide a holistic, individualised, team-based approach to address the complex impacts of abuse, neglect, separation from families and significant others, and other forms of severe adversity that these young people have faced. All ITC programs are to support young people 12-18 years old.

The core Intensive Therapeutic Care Services include:

Transitional Care (ITTC)

A short-term group residential service, intended to provide rapid needs assessment to inform future placement options or support young people return to their previous care arrangements.

Therapeutic Home-Based Care (THBC)

A home-based placement where a young person is cared for by a permanent live-in carer.

Care Homes (ITCH)

A program lasting up to 24 months, a group residential service providing a safe and home-like environment, and day-to-day intensive support from qualified, trained and consistent direct care staff.

Therapeutic Supported Independent Living (TSIL)

A 24 month, time-limited placement that aims to prepare young people for independent living and self-reliance by providing furnished accommodation, casework support, life skills programs, specialist services, and therapeutic care.

Creating positive change

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We are a Catholic organisation that strives for positive change in the lives of young people.


We provide a range of programs and services to help individuals achieve their own unique goals.

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Together, we can aim empower young people and their families so they can build their own bright future.

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