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Mounty Yarns

Our Daramu and Mudjin Byala teams attended the Mounty Yarns event on March 24, representing and promoting Marist180.

Our staff engaged with other services and community members to advocate and provide service information about the Daramu and Mudjin Byala programs, and Marist180 as a whole.

Mounty Yarns facilitated the event at Kimberwalli, to bring awareness to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in the Mount Druitt community, validate and give voice to their experiences. The Mount Yarns event was a successful and well attended event, which included the provision of free food (food trucks, sausage sizzle, etc), and activities for everyone to participate in, including touch football, laser tag, face painting, to name a few.

Agencies from the Mount Druitt area attended the event to bring awareness of the wide range of services and supports that are available to everyone. An Art Exhibition was open to all, displaying artworks that were created by community members, and a real highlight were performances by Aboriginal rappers Barkaa, Kobie Dee and local youth rappers.

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