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The 2023 COOEE Festival

The COOEE Festival is a Link-Up (NSW) event based in Western Sydney that promotes and celebrates Aboriginal Australia’s survival and resilience. The word ‘cooee’ originates from the Dharug people. It is a word used to communicate with another person at a distance.

The 2023 COOEE Festival, an annual event, took place last Saturday, April 15. The Festival gives Aboriginal people the opportunity to share, learn and represent culture through traditional corroborees, practices, and ceremony. It also encourages and welcomes Non-Indigenous people to attend and take the opportunity to experience and learn Aboriginal culture.

Marist180 was present at the Festival, where we promoted our services and programs through a market stall. Marist180 information and merchandise was readily available, staff generously giving of their time and engaging with Festival goers throughout the day.


Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation, founded in 1980, supports the healing journeys of those removed, delivering professional, culturally sensitive and confidential research, reunions and Social, Emotional and Wellbeing services. Marist180 proudly participates in and supports the COOEE Festival, and shares the commitment of Link-Up (NSW) to providing quality services and programs that offer social, emotional and wellbeing support to the children and young people in our care.

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