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Our National Families Week celebration

In recent weeks, we had the pleasure of celebrating National Families Week by organising hampers with food and essential items specially tailored to the six families in our Family Preservation Program. Understanding the importance of meeting the unique cultural needs of our families from diverse backgrounds, we decided to give them greater agency in choosing what they received.

We adopted a more personalised approach by shopping with our families, allowing them to select items that best suited their needs and preferences. For those without access to transport, we reached out in advance to ask what they needed and did the shopping on their behalf.

For our Muslim families, we made sure to purchase halal foods. We accompanied them to a specialty butcher, assisted in buying items in bulk, and helped transport these items to their homes.

The families in our program appreciated this approach immensely. It was heart-warming to see their smiles and gratitude, knowing that we were able to support them in a way that truly respected and met their needs.


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