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A Marist Noel: thank you for your contributions!

The project and campaign 'A Marist Noel' has grown out of the strong Marist180 desire and commitment to capture the Christmas spirit for the children and young people in our care, to a meaningful and memorable Christmas, by giving our clients a gift(s) of their choice.

We promoted this opportunity to our suppliers, community donors, extended community, the Marist family, and encouraged them to contribute in whatever way they can. Marist Noel raised $58,850.22 in donations.

We also received gifts donated by families from St. Gregory's Junior School, Campbelltown, and had fantastic assistance from a group of Year 10 Marist College, Kogarah students, who helped us with gift wrapping for several hours.



With Ms Robyn Bowen, Leader of Religious Education, St Gegory's Junior School

 In summary:
$58,850.22 in donations
$30,732 from Marist Schools
Almost 200 young people received Christmas gifts.

Mr Robert Almeida, and Year 10 Marist College Kogarah students.

In addition to the Marist family, we also received generous contributions from other organisations. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every donor who has contributed to Marist Noel.


With former Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors (UHM) client, Ali Qasimi, and Marist Catholic College, Penshurst Captains, Jennifer Tyler-Lo and Karry Kontrafouris.

We are also blessed by and grateful for the different and other support that other members of the Marist family generously offer us. Throughout the course of 2023, Head of Technologies at St. Gregory’s College, Campbelltown, Brendan O’Flynn, worked on and delivered a beautiful stand and plinth for our Marist Heart. This will soon take pride of place in our Office at La Valla.


 We thank Brendan in particular, for his time, creativity and effort, and Matt Brennan and the St Gregory’s community, for their support in creating this for us. Together, and by association, we are ‘creating positive change’.

With Principal Matt Brennan, and Head of Technologies Brendan O’Flynn. 

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