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Creating positive change

We believe that when individuals feel connected to a supportive community, have access to education, accommodation, and employment, they can achieve their goals and build their own bright future.

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We provide a range of programs and services to help individuals achieve their own unique goals. These include providing education opportunities, engagement services, pathways to employment, out-of-home care, and accommodation.

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Join our unique, diverse, and talented team and know that you’re creating positive change every day.

Help support hundreds of young people at risk of exclusion from education, employment, or who are homeless, in trouble with the law, experiencing domestic violence or otherwise in need of support, without judgement, to turn their lives around.

Help us change the lives of young people

About us

We belong to the wider global Marist community of schools, welfare agencies, universities and colleges, youth advocacy, and young adult ministry that has a presence in eighty-one countries.


We provide a range of programs and services to help a young person create positive change in their lives.

Creating positive change

Latest news


After several weeks of planning and preparation, the Commissioning of the Orange Office, ‘Le Rosey’, took place on Friday, September 8.

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The Community Hub will offer a number of services and support for the community to access in one location.


This year’s celebration paid homage to the ongoing resilience and cultural richness passed down by our respected elders.


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